City Against Racism (Ready to ship)


City Against Racism (Ready to ship)

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This is a COMMITMENT, this is a PROMISE:

To open a DIALOG and to have uncomfortable conversations. 

To keep our eyes open to the RACIAL INJUSTICE we see and to not be silent.

To look within and to CRITICALLY EXAMINE and CHANGE our own BEHAVIORS.

To NEVER TIRE, to hold each other ACCOUNTABLE to this commitment, to this promise.

This COMMITMENT is non-negotiable for us as a Team, as a Club and as a Community.

                                                                        WILL YOU JOIN US?


With our commitment to support Black owned businesses in Detroit, we have partnered with SBOY Printing to deliver you these high quality shirts.

 All proceeds will be donated to local charities and player driven initiatives.

The shirt is black with white logo/writing!

The shirts are unisex. If you like your shirts form fitting, but not too tight, go one size up from a standard/average size tee you would buy. If you like your shirts loose, you are best to go up a size!